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The Ballicherry Team

Caroline Matheson
Caroline is the managing director of Farm to Work Ltd. She has spent 30 years working in The NHS as a Nurse, Midwife, Manager and Educator. To assist people in changing damaging lifestyles and habits is a challenge which Caroline relishes and already has a track record of using Farm  to Work experience to help people improve their health and well being. ‘What we offer here is a unique and diverse experience where people become enlightened  and enabled by engaging with nature, animals, the land whilst being supported by a team of people who see potential in every person we help’

Brian Matheson
Brian is the farmer and with over 30 years experience he knows how to grow crops, rear sheep, cattle and pigs and run a successful business. Brian enjoys teaching people about farming skills, food production and the countryside.

Daniel Ross
Daniel is the horticultural instructor and is especially interested in organic growing. Daniel has travelled the world and worked on many farms after leaving university where he studied organic agriculture. Daniel has settled back in The Highlands and runs his own croft where he grows vegetables and keeps Shetland cattle. Daniel has also an interest in rural crafts such as woodworking and yurt building

Billy Gill is general farmworker and is involved in the arable and livestock aspect of the farm as well as agricultural contracting.


Freelance instructors are employed in specialist areas such as equine care. 

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